Thai Bar Girl Revealed

‘Thai Bar Girl Revealed’ is the promotion of a unique, eBook that talks about the problem of men facing the reality they cannot handle after they meet "the girl of their dreams".

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Thai Bar Girl – Her Culture.

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Thai Bar Girl

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Related and written by a man that has "been there and done that", Thai Girl Revealed  talks about, and actually solves, the problems that men will face when dating a ‘Thai Bar Girl

thai-girls-2To the man seeking the truth about the Thai Bar Girl, this eBook is a must read as it reveals the shocking reality behind the ‘Thai Bar Girl‘ culture.

If you are about to visit Thailand with romance on your mind, do not let a trip to paradise turn into a living hell.

How can a romantic man not like Thailand? The most incredible beaches and the easy living beautiful women.

The charm and exquisite grace of the slow spaced way of life, turned upside down by its wild and free night life, a never ending . Bacchanalia where anything and everything becomes possible, holds most lonely western man in awe.

It is so tragic that many unwary men from America, Canada, Britain, Australia, and many parts of Europe RUIN their lives and lose fortunes in Thailand just because they know nothing about the culture of the Thai Bar Girl and are not-prepared for the ancient allure of this beautiful Asian country.

In an attempt to stop that happening, Jon Hansen, who has lived a very interesting life in thai girls 1Thailand for a number of years, and who can be regarded as an old Thai hand helps you learn the Ins and Outs of the Thai Bar Girl culture

He has been saddened by the sight of the many western men who fall hopelessly in love with a Thai bar girl because they are not ‘emotionally prepared’ and are blown away by these most fascinating and attractive girls who treat them like movie stars and billionaires.

The tragedy lies in how these men caught up in a game which they will finally lose, stay in contact with these girls after they return home. They all end up heartbroken, confused, dazed, and definitely poorer.

pattaya bar girlsThere are the lucky ones who manage to escape, like the 59 year old American who visited Thailand to relive the good times he had there, while on an R & R stay during his service in Viet Nam.

He met “Roxie” at a bar in Bangkok and was soon spending his time exclusively with her. Like every other ‘Thai Bar Girl’, she was vibrantly beautiful, and catering to his every need, she made him feel young again.

It was not long before she told him that she no longer wanted to work the bars, but wanted to marry him and dedicate herself only to him. The old fool was flattered and believed her, despite the fact that he was nudging 60, while she was just 20.

He returned home and started sending her six hundred dollar every month so that she could go back to school and prepare herself to start a new life with him in America.

Le was lucky. Acting on the advice of a friend, he reluctantly hired a Thai private detective agency to check Roxie out, before he went back to Thailand to claim his Thai Bar Girl bride.

The agency reported that not only was she still working the bars, five other men were pattaya girlsending her money every month, for the very same reasons as he was.

Apart from being heart broken and disillusioned, he did not lose much, but this Australian was not so lucky.

Most Thai women look ten years younger than their actual age, and the 31 year old accountant from Australia on his visit to Phuket, became so enamoured with a 40 year old Thai Bar Girl, that he married her.

He not only paid her parents a huge dowry, he also bought them a house to live in, before he brought his Thai Bar Girl bride back with him, to Australia.

The unlucky man had to be treated for severe gonorrhea and his wife had to be hospitalized for surgery to repair the damage caused by the sexually transmitted diseases her body had contracted as a Thai Bar Girl.

It was not very long before she wanted to go back to Thailand to visit her family. He sent her back to Phuket on a return ticket, but she never returned and the accountant is currently being treated for severe depression.

Do you want to end up like one of them, going to Thailand unprepared?

Click on the link below to download the eBook NOW. It will cost you only $27.00. A very small price to pay for the ability to avoid the loss of your sanity and your fortune.

Thai Girl Revealed

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